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How to Prepare for Your California Home Inspection

Some people think California home inspections are a pretty cut and dry process compared to home inspections in other parts of the country where weather causes more home damage.   Actually, California home inspections take just as long as any other home inspection, and can even take longer based on the size and condition of the home and if areas in need of inspection are locked, blocked, or not easily visible.   If you want your California home inspection to run as smoothly as possible, be sure to do the following before your home inspector arrives:

California home inspections are no different than any other inspection.   Inspecting a home takes time.   In some cases, a home with little to no defects takes longer to inspect than one with multiple problems, based on whether or not the home owner prepared for the home inspection.   If you want your California home inspection to run as smoothly and quickly as possible, properly prepare your home for inspection.

Waterman Inspection Services offers comprehensive, thorough Orange County, California home inspections to home buyers, sellers, and existing owners.   If you’re in need of an Orange County, California home inspection, give Waterman Inspection Services a call.





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