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Home Buying 101: The Importance Of The Home Inspection

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

In short, an inspector checks the safety and functionality of your potential home. Inspectors focus primarily on the structural and mechanical aspects of the home.

Get a home inspection as soon as possible after the sellers accept your offer. Make the contract contingent upon the home inspection. That way, if the inspection uncovers a major flaw that you¡¯re unwilling to accept, you have a legal way out of the contract.

Don¡¯t confuse the home inspection with the home appraisal. The home appraisal protects the lender¡¯s financial interests. The home inspection protects you, the buyer. The appraisal is the bank¡¯s way of determining whether or not the house is worth the price you¡¯ve agreed to pay. The inspection is your way of identifying structural or mechanical problems with the house.

How to find a home inspector:

* Ask a friend or coworker who has recently bought a home in the area.

* Ask your agent if he or she can recommend a qualified inspector.

* Visit the American Society of Home Inspectors website:

* Visit the National Association of Home Inspectors website:

Is a Home Inspection Worth the Price?

Consider this. Home inspections usually run between $200 and $400. Weigh that small cost against the comfort of moving into a known situation, and the answer is obvious ... get a home inspection!

The List:

Your home inspector will go through your home with a fine-toothed comb. So be present for the inspection ¨C you¡¯ll learn a lot. Afterward, the inspector will make a list of discrepancies. Some items won¡¯t be a big deal to you, but it¡¯s still the inspector¡¯s job to point them out. But other items will be more serious, and these are the items you should discuss with your agent.

Who¡¯s Fixing What?

When you review the inspector¡¯s list with your agent, you¡¯ll have to decide which items (if any) you want the sellers to repair. Like nearly everything else in the home-buying process, the fix-it list is negotiable. When you submit your list of requested repairs to the sellers, you face one of several outcomes:

1. The seller will agree to fix all of the items.
2. The seller will agree to fix some of the items.
3. The seller won¡¯t agree to fix any of the items.
4. The seller will reduce the price in lieu of certain repairs.

How you proceed in light of the seller¡¯s response is up to you and your agent. A good rule of thumb -- don¡¯t ever turn a blind eye to a major repair issue just because you¡¯re excited about getting in the house. If you¡¯re an experienced investor and you¡¯re buying the house specifically to fix it up, that¡¯s one thing. But if you¡¯re buying your first home, be conservative and carefully consider each item on the inspector¡¯s list. It will benefit you in the long run.


Hire an inspector to review your prospective new home for potential problems. The peace of mind you¡¯ll get is well worth the cost you¡¯ll pay. Review the inspector¡¯s list with your agent and carefully consider each item on the list. Consider your ability (or inability) to make the repairs yourself, vice having the sellers repair them.


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