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What is a Home Maintenance Inspection
A home maintenance inspection is a check-up for your home. Most people don't get their home inspected unless they're putting it up for sale. But why? Isn't it more important to know the state of your home while you're living it it? A home maintenance inspection can help you maintain the integrity and condition of your home and insure that it won't suddenly start to fall apart around you.

Home Maintenance Inspections from Waterman Inspection Services
Waterman Inspection Services will perform an indepth maintenance inspection of your home that will give you insight into the true condition of your home. It's very easy not to notice your home slowly start to erode around you. As busy as we all are these days with work and other obligations, it's very common not to even have the chance to give your home the once-over to check for signs of trouble. Waterman Inspection Services knows what to look for and will give you a full report on the condition of your home, what needs to be addressed, and what you can do to keep your home on solid ground.

No other home inspection company can provide you with the professional home maintenance inspection services, neighborly attitude, and honest, unbiased home evaluation you’ll receive from Waterman Inspection Services.

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Home Maintenance Inspection Services Disclaimer.
Waterman Inspection Services will not perform repairs or suggest home repair companies.   This kind of activity conflicts with the ability to provide an unbiased maintenance inspection of your home and the home inspection services provided.   If a home maintenance inspector offers to make repairs himself or suggest a “friend” who can make the necessary repairs, report them to:

American Society of Home Inspectors ,® Inc. (ASHI)
932 Lee Street, Suite 101
Des Plaines, Illinois, 60016

1-800-743-ASHI (2744)






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