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How To Choose a Home Inspector Part 3

5. How long will the inspection take?
The average time necessary for California home inspectors to complete their inspection is two to three hours for a typical single-family house; anything less may not be enough time to do a thorough inspection. Be ware of California home inspectors who advertise “Quick Inspections” or “Fast Home Inspections”. It takes time to thoroughly inspect a home. A short, quick inspection will almost always miss hidden or unseen flaws or defects

How long is a Waterman Inspection Services California property inspection?

2-3 HOURS. - Waterman Inspection Services provides you with a thorough, comprehensive inspection of your homes interior and exterior components. Waterman Inspection Services does not cut corners. Click here for more details on a Waterman Inspection Services home inspection.

6. Does the California home inspector prepare a written report?

All California home inspectors need to provide you with a written report. If your California home inspector is not taking constant notes during your inspection, stop the inspection immediately. A home inspection report is very in-depth. No California home inspector can remember every little crack or water spot he/she uncovers. Be sure to verify that after the inspection is completed, you will receive an inspection report within a few weeks of the inspection. Don’t worry if the California home inspector is unable to present the report to you immediately after their inspection. The majority of inspectors take the information they retrieved from their inspection back to their office, compile the data, and combine it in a presentable, understandable inspection report.

Does Waterman Inspection Services provide you with a complete inspection report?

YES!You will receive a comprehensive inspection report that clearly describes any and all areas of your home that need attention.

7. Does the California home inspector encourage the client to attend the inspection?
This is a valuable opportunity for a home owner to learn about his/her home. If a California home inspector refuses to allow you to be present or accompany him on his inspection, this should raise a red flag. A California home inspector should welcome you to come along with the inspection. It allows for better communication you and your California home inspector and creates less problems if questions arise regarding the specific state of a portion of your property

Does Waterman Inspection Services welcome home owners to be present and follow the home inspection?

ABSOLUTELY! – Waterman Inspection Services always encourages home owners to be present during the inspection.

Follow this guide carefully and you should have no problem selecting an honest, experienced California home inspector.


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