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How To Choose a Home Inspector Part 2

2. What does the inspection cover?
Ask the home property inspection company / inspector exactly what the inspection covers. Many home inspection companies / inspectors have websites that list the services included in their inspection. All home inspection companies / inspectors should provide a very thorough and comprehensive visual inspection of the home’s interior and exterior areas, including garage and carports. When selecting a home inspection company / inspector be sure to ask exactly what services are included in their inspection.

Does Waterman Inspection Services provide home owners with a thorough home inspection?

YES! Click here for a complete list of services included in a Waterman Inspection Services California property inspection


3. Is the inspector specifically trained in residential inspection?
California does not require a license to practice as a home inspector. If a home inspector is working for a large home inspection company, it’s possible the specific inspector who comes to perform your inspection did not receive comprehensive training in residential inspection. When hiring a home inspection company / inspector, make sure the inspector coming out to perform your California property inspection is properly trained. Ask them where they received their training and what course or program them were enrolled in. On the job training does not mean they’ve been properly trained and educated in residential inspection

Is Waterman Inspection Services trained in residential inspection?

YES! Lee Waterman, owner and operator of Waterman Inspection Services, is fully trained and insured. Lee Waterman received comprehensive residential home inspection training from Allied Home Inspection School.


4. Does the home inspection company / inspector offer to do repairs or improvements based on the inspection or recommend someone who can perform necessary repairs?

This is against the industry’s ethical beliefs. Providing repairs or offering advice on who to go to for repairs causes a conflict of interest. Make sure the home inspection company / inspector you hire doesn’t offer to make repairs. They could be identifying false defects just to gain additional profit off your home inspection.

Does Waterman Inspection Services offer repairs or advice on who to go to for uncovered defects and damage?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!Waterman Inspection Services is an impartial professional California property inspection service that reports the condition of a home ONLY! No repairs or advice on who to go to for repairs. Click here for the Waterman Inspection Services disclaimer .


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