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What is an “Apartment Inspection" in Orange County?

An apartment inspection is a full inspection of your soon to be home to insure that you are fully aware of what you are getting (what does or does not work). It can also help when you are moving out to re-coop your deposit money.

Apartment Building Inspections from Waterman Inspection Services

Waterman Inspection Services will perform an in-depth inspection of your soon to be home that will give you insight into the true conditions of the rental unit. We provide many pictures and a detailed report listing all deficiencies / problem items. With this report in hand you can then negotiate with the apartment building landlord what repairs you want fixed before moving in. You can also then use the report when moving out to compare the condition of the unit between move in and move out time so that you can justify getting your deposit back!

Waterman Inspection Services knows what to look for and will give peace of mind.
No other home inspection company can provide you with the professional home maintenance inspection services, neighborly attitude, and honest, unbiased home evaluation you’ll receive from Waterman Inspection Services.

Inspection Services Disclaimer.
Waterman Inspection Services will not perform repairs or suggest home repair companies.   This kind of activity conflicts with the ability to provide an unbiased maintenance inspection of your home and the home inspection services provided

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