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All Waterman Inspection Services home inspections are performed by an impartial, fully trained and licensed Dove Canyon home inspector. Owned and operated by Lee Waterman, Waterman Inspection Services will help you identify any unseen home damage, safety issues, or nonfunctioning systems that affect the integrity of the home.

 “My name is the business so you can rest assured that you’ll receive a complete, unbiased, and expert inspection of your home, Dove Canyon , or mobile home.”

- Lee Waterman Owner, Operator, Inspector

Buying, selling, remodeling, or simply staying in the property you own, a home inspection just makes sense! Knowing the exact condition and current status of a home’s systems and components allows you to make better decisions when buying/selling property or simply making home improvements.

An honest Dove Canyon home inspector does not suggest contractors or repairmen to make repairs on the defects he/she finds. This is a conflict of interest. If a home inspector is inspecting your home for imperfections and defects, and then refers you to a specific repairman who can make these repairs for you, you have to think whether or not the home inspector is being honest with you regarding the specific defects he/she found. Think about it; a home inspector is a trained professional who knows what to look for. Small cracks, water stains, and minor electrical problems could communicate much larger, internal problems. To you and I, a malfunctioning electrical switch is just a minor annoyance. A home inspector knows how to interpret these defects and determine if the problem is much larger. However, if the home inspector is trying to get business for a friend who’s an electrical handyman, the home inspector might tell you that the malfunctioning electrical switch is a result of bad wiring in the house, and all the homes wiring needs to be replaced, when in reality, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the switch itself.

If a home inspector offers to make repairs himself or suggest a “friend” who can make the necessary repairs, report them to:

American Society of Home Inspectors ,® Inc. (ASHI)

932 Lee Street, Suite 101

Des Plaines , Illinois , 60016

1-800-743-ASHI (2744)

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